Rotata Pizza –  your delicious  personal space!

  • 72 hours from the “first bricks” to the first pizza,
  • Only 3 minutes for cooking – and you fall in love with this taste,
  • FREE pizza for every guest on the day of opening,
  • 1000 happy smiles and a sea of bright emotions

And this is just the beginning of the fastest and most delicious pizza in Lviv!

The latest technology, high quality products from a local manufacturer, an automated system that allows you to make and receive orders in the format of walk-in or drive-in in a matter of minutes, speed and quality of service – we will prepare for you a pizza in 3 minutes or we will treat for free, if not Invest in this time!

About us

In our work we are guided by several principles:


We quickly grew up, move and develop, use the latest technology, because we appreciate your time!


Good food comes from good food (we use only environmentally friendly products from local producers), because we care about your health!


We are creating Restaurant Pizzeria of the new generation today, supporting the national producer and those who are interested in professional growth.

We are preparing the fastest pizza in the world

We share experience with those who have a desire to work and improve the sphere of public catering in Ukraine and in Lviv in particular.

Rotata – a 100% domestic brand, all components – from building constructions to products – are manufactured in Ukraine.

In addition, this is a perfect example of a profitable business and a quick return on investment: automated, automated, automated menu, remote control and management can be done using gadgets from anywhere in the world.

We are ready to share good ideas if you have a desire to work and move with us!