Culinary Trends 2017: unicorn pizza

Culinary Trends 2017: unicorn pizza

Unicorn pizza – a food inspired by unicorns has become a culinary trend in 2017. After the ice cream and the latte appeared pizza! Unicorn in the field of nutrition.

Unicorn noodles, latte, ice cream and toast. Unicorn mangoes colored dishes are probably the biggest culinary trend of 2017.

We can share food, inspired by children’s fairy tales for a long time. But when it seems that this topic is already exhausted in the catering industry, a new hit suddenly breaks down all boundaries of imagination. This time this unicorn pizza (pizza unicorn) is a favorite dish with a new exterior and flavor. The dough of pizza is colorful, and on the cheese there are colorful stars and bits of sugar wool. Crazy combination?

Unicorn pizza

This trend originated in New York, in the famous Industry Kitchen restaurant. The menu dish called “Pop Candy Land Pizza” has already managed to conquer the hearts of local gourmets. As people who have already tried this unique meal say:

“This pizza more resembles a giant cake covered with sugar-like clouds.”

This combination of flavors may be interesting, although it is more suitable for fans who prefer sweet dishes.

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