Street food – what and where to eat?

Street food – what and where to eat?

The development of trends shows that today the restaurant world is beginning to change. In this regard, there is a global change in consumer needs of society. This can be seen as the beginning and development of cooking in a different approach to the kitchen.

What is Street food?

To put it simply, street food is ready-made meals or drinks, which are usually sold in open spaces where there is a lot of traffic (streets, squares, beaches, bus stations, parks, markets, etc.). From special kiosks in including mobile ones. Street food can be found in every corner of the world and it is it that reflects the tastes of countries, their traditions and stories.

Canons of local cuisine

Under the name street food, as previously written, are meant snacks, ready-made meals and various drinks. Most of them are closely related to local culinary traditions. An important role of street food, which belongs to the canon of local cuisine, plays for tourists who are interested in better understanding the culture of this country.

For example, for Belgium, a dish representing this country in the field of street food is sweet waffles, which are served for dessert with ice cream, fruit or chocolate sauce;

For Greece – souvlaki. Consists of a dish made of pieces of a pig, a chicken or lamb. Prepare the meat baking on the grate. After cooking, put on a skewer and consume a dish with tzatziki sauce or vegetables;

For Holland, broodje haring. This is a simple sandwich, which consists of: cucumbers, onion and Dutch “zest”, – raw herring;

For Turkey – simit. Baking, which is abundantly sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is better to combine the dish with coffee or traditional Turkish tea;

For Lithuania – kybyn. Minced meat for dumplings are prepared from traditional lamb and onions, and vareniki themselves are formed from yeast dough;

For Spain – churros. Fried dough, squeezed through a confectionery sleeve or syringe and sprinkled with powder;

For Austria Рkäsekrainer. This is a savory sausage stuffed in the middle with meat and cheese.

Thus, “street food” is a democratic, accessible to the general public of consumers, a form of providing services in the field of nutrition in the form of fresh and tasty food.

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