The history of this pizza from Naples

 The history of this pizza from Naples

Today we learn a few novelties about pizza – a dish that has taken hold of the hearts of millions of people on all continents. There are a lot of recipes for cooking it. And it’s really good for pizza, which is made from fresh products and with all the technical requirements during cooking. Well, how without love? This is the main ingredient you should not forget about.

Pizza made from flour, yeast and water seems too banal, but so in fact, there are not a lot of places or places where you can try a perfectly cooked dough. Some believe that the dough should be thick, others – thin with crispy edges. And the ingredients for the dough? This is a huge number of combinations – it all depends on your imagination!

History of the preparation of the first pizza

The first pizza was created at the beginning of the sixteenth (sixteenth) century in the vicinity of Naples. Pizza looked cakes, there were no additives and was considered a dish – food for the poor. Later, the cake gradually begins to be enriched with additional components. The turning point was the event that took place at the end of the nineteenth (nineteenth) century, when Rafaelle Esposito, the owner of the Neapolitan pizzeria di Pietro e Basta Cosi, was invited to cook food for the Italian queen Margherity and King Umberto. Pizza in his performance was the color of the Italian flag: green basil, red tomatoes and white mozzarella cheese (reportedly first used in the peak). It is in honor of the Queen that pizza is named “Margherita”. It was a breakthrough, and since then this simple food has become a typical dish in Italy! The restaurant Rafaella Esposito has survived to this day, but changed its name to Pizzeria di Brandi – a place visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Interesting facts about pizza from Naples

Naples can be safely called the “cradle” of the best pizza in the world. Several restaurants in this city boast the most prestigious culinary awards, including Michelin stars. Did you watch the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”? This is exactly in Naples, in one of the best pizzerias, filmed scenes where Julia Roberts enjoys the taste of pizza. The pizzeria is called L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – an unnoticeable and simply decorated place is always filled with a crowd of people, and in front of the building queues are built for several tens of meters.

A real Neapolitan pizza is being prepared before your eyes – those interested can try to spy out the way to prepare the dough – but has not anyone managed to copy the way of making this pie, which is perfect.

Every sign is the moment when you get the menu in the restaurant, and there are dozens of kinds of pizza to choose from? And in addition there is an opportunity to create your pizza, combining ingredients. In L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele you will not have such problems, because there are only two kinds of pizzas to choose from – Margherita and Marinara. Both are delicious and worth it to try. Cooks are true to the traditions founded by the founder of the restaurant, who claimed that:

“there are only two types of Neapolitan pizza – Margherita and Marinara, and no additional ingredients should litter the pizza, as this can undermine its authenticity and traditional flavor that:”.

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